13 September 2021

By Philippa Padlock

Hello all, as I write I feel sad that I have not shared this sooner with you ❤️ . Yesterday I ran the Great North Run for Twins Trust, specifically to raise awareness for the Bereavement Group. I was happy to meet 4 other runners also running for them, sadly for me though they all had healthy twins and I felt a real pang of envy/resentment/sadness as I started my race.

Philippa Padlock

Undeterred, I tried to channel my emotion into giving the race my all. Spurred on by my beautiful boys, it was the ultimate race of my life thus far! Very chuffed on a personal level, smashing sub 2 hours, but also having conversations with colleagues who perhaps weren’t aware of my true family. And feeling more at ease talking about my boys and sharing my story. I have surpassed my original total of £1,000 but I have increased as my colleagues and running club mates are still donating.

I want you all to know - whether I know many of you or not and all of your children’s names - that every single one of you in this group was in my head and heart whilst running. Running for all our children that never will be able to and raising awareness of the very sad side to Twins Trust, but invaluable support they offer to us as bereaved families.