18 July 2022

Going on a Bear Hunt for Jacob and George  
By Sam Rumens

On the 2nd October 2021 it would have been my first son Jacob’s 10th birthday. Four days later it should have been his twin George’s. Sadly they were not able to stay with us after being born at 24 weeks. Jacob lived briefly and kicked his arms and legs around but was too small for the doctors to intervene. George was much bigger and we hoped he might have a different outcome but after a difficult delivery, he was devastatingly stillborn.

Sam Rumen with daughter

In some ways it seems a long time ago, in other ways it seems only yesterday. I’ve come a long way and have been blessed to have two more daughters. I often wonder how they would have been different and how they are the same. My oldest daughter is studious and quite shy. I think she might be more like George as he was always the less active in my tummy. My youngest is into football, climbing and is very social. Jacob was always kicking me and moving around so perhaps he would have been a footballer too. 

Sam Rumen's daughters

The girls know all about their big brothers and talk about them all the time. Their ashes are scattered at a beautiful carving of bears in Chislehurst and we walk past them most days.

On Jacob’s 10th birthday we raised money for the Twins Trust Bereavement Support Service by doing a sponsored walk to find all the bears in the area. There were 30 to find and we ended at the boys' bears. 

We did it! And raised over £1000! I can’t believe it!