The 9th – 15th October each year marks Baby Loss Awareness Week. Throughout the week bereaved parents, family members and friends can remember and raise awareness together with thousands of families elsewhere in the world doing the same.

On Friday 15th October 2021we held a Facebook Live event with candle lighting, reading babies names aloud and a poem. We plan on doing this again for BLAW 2022. If you would like your babies name read out please email [email protected] with the name/s and how to pronounce their name if it is not obvious.  The live event will take place on our public Facebook page which you can find here.

We are also asking as many people as possible to change their profile pictures on social media to our Twins Trust bereavement group candle photos to help us raise awareness of Baby Loss and our group.  We invite you to save one of our candles below and add them as your social media profiles in the lead up, and during the week, to raise awareness of baby loss.

Please click here to read some of the stories from parents helping us to raise awareness during the week.