Take on a parachute jump for Twins Trust
All year
UK wide
Non-refundable deposit: £50 - £70 
Sponsorship: £395+

Support #TeamTwinsTrust by doing a sponsored parachute jump and help support twins, triplets and more through every stage of their journey. 

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About the event

Take a leap of faith and enjoy the exhilaration of flying through the clouds from 7,000 or 15,000ft, reaching speeds of up to 125mph!

It’s truly unforgettable experience, and a great way to celebrate a special milestone or challenge yourself to do something completely different. Take the plunge alone or recruit family, friends and colleagues to skydive too.

You can book as an individual or as a group. All centres offer tandem jumps, with some also offering other options for experienced skydivers.


Entry fees and sponsorship target

Please make sure you select Twins Trust as your chosen charity on the drop-down menu on the booking form.

Non-refundable deposit when booking: £50- £70 per person (depending on the airfield selected)

You must raise at least an additional £395 by one week before your jump. The cost of your jump can then be covered by within your fundraising – however, we ask you to make it clear to your sponsors that part of the funds raised will cover your costs.

Alternatively, you can chose to pay the cost of your jump yourself (£190 - £230 in addition to the £50-£70 deposit, depending on chosen airfield). All your fundraising will then go directly to support Twins Trust.


More information

If you are interested or you’ve already booked your skydive, let us know!  We will send you Twins Trust branded t-shirt and support you along the way.

Raise £150+ and take your place of our virtual wall of fundraising heroes!

Please note:

Other companies such as Skyline and Tilstock also offer charity skydives and third party registration, please check directly for location convenient to you and your group.