We want to make sure the information we provide to those who have experienced baby loss is helpful and supportive at a very difficult time. 

In order to do this we are updating some of our resources and how we deliver support to our community. Please bear with us as we update this area of our charity and check back often.

We also know how important it is to have a community around you who understand what you are going through, to offer a listening ear or advice.


Online support communities

Twins Trust's online support communities offer safe spaces for parents to talk to someone who has experienced the loss of a baby or babies. We have four dedicated groups for different types of loss and one main community group open to everyone.

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Support resources
Termination for medical reasons (TFMR) booklet

TFMR is not spoken about much but is something that thousands face every year. If you been given this difficult news, our booklet will provide helpful information.

Certificates of birth

We hope that these certificates will provide some comfort and a precious keepsake of a baby or babies who are sadly no longer here.

Other bereavement organisations

There are a number of other organisations who provide non-twin specific support for bereavement and we'd encourage you to consider reaching out to them for support also.

Books for adults and children

This list of books, for both adults and children, may help to bring you comfort during this difficult time.