Finding out you are expecting a baby can evoke many contradicting emotions of joy and excitement, switching to panic and fear. Your life is about to change as you know it. If you are one of the few families who find out they are pregnant with triplets, quads or even more, then these feelings may be quite overwhelming! Don't worry this is a normal reaction to a very special and unusual situation. Just to give you an idea about how special you are, only 0.03% of all births in the UK are triplets. Quads or more are even rarer, with just three sets born in the UK in 2013.

To help you during pregnancy and the early days, we've created a factsheet for parents expecting three or more. It includes helpful information, frequently asked questions and stories for parents of triplets and quads. If you prefer, you can also download the factsheet in three separate sections:

Information for parents of triplets, quads or more - tips on how to prepare for the arrival of three of more babies, the importance of asking for help and how you can look after your relationship and each other.

FAQ for parents of triplets, quads or more - how do I get around with three or more babies? How will I cope financially? These FAQS and more are discussed in this section of the factsheet.

Triplet parent family stories - mums and dads share their experiences of parenting triplets.

Triplet mum Anna talks about her experience of finding out, giving birth, spending time in special care, and coping in the early days.

video image
A triplet mum's experience

Dad Gerard tells us what it's like to be a father of triplets and offer his top tips for anyone whose partner is expecting triplets in our video below.

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A triplet dad's top tips

We also have a Facebook support group for triplet parents. Please click here to join. This group is moderated by Twins Trust Support Team and our parent moderators.

Twins Trust has an informative free webinar offering support and advice to pregnant women and their partners at the start of their pregnancy journey.