6 October 2023

On the hottest day of the year, mum-of-three Zena Harvey walked to the summit of Mount Snowdon in memory of her son, Ramy.

Joined by her brother, sister-in-law and two friends, Zena placed painted memorial stones at the top of the highest mountain in Wales on 10 June 2023.

Her twins, Ramy and Jonah, were born in March 2021 but Ramy tragically passed away 12 hours later. During pregnancy, doctors discovered he had a heart defect.

Zena and husband Jake turned to Twins Trust and found the Bereavement Service a safe space during an incredibly tough time. 

Speaking about her trek up Snowdon, Zena said: “It was a long day, the hottest of the year. It was exhausting but Ramy got me up there. It was all worth it.

“The views were stunning. Putting the stones for Ramy and the Twins Trust babies at the summit felt amazing.”

Zena placed painted memorial stones at the summit of Mount Snowdon

Preparing for the big climb, she said she knew it would “be very difficult but not impossible.” Zena, who is also mum to Zayd, improved her fitness levels ready for the trek by walking with friends and completing workouts at home.

Speaking about Twins Trust Bereavement Service, she added: “I just found it the most helpful group. We didn’t get any particular support from the hospital, especially during the pregnancy. I wouldn’t want another family to feel abandoned or alone.

The Twins Trust bereavement group seemed to get where we were coming from and what we were feeling

“The Twins Trust bereavement group was the only place we could go to. Just being part of the group, for us, that’s been invaluable.

“Ramy was the reason I did this walk. By raising money for the group, I wanted to help other families going through the same process that we have been through.”

Zena and Jonah, Ramy's twin
Zena and Jonah, Ramy's twin