Join us in helping ensure maternity care for mums having twins, triplets or more is the best it possibly can be throughout the UK.

To do this we are rolling out our Maternity Engagement Project to as many hospitals as we can, supporting teams in a practical way to implement NICE QS46 – eight quality standards that describe the high quality care parents of multiples should expect. After working with 30 units in England, we have the proof that following the guidelines works.

Any lobbying we do is focussed on ensuring babies from multiple pregnancies get the best care. The outcomes will be:

-    Fewer neonatal admissions
-    Fewer stillbirths
-    Fewer emergency c-sections
-    Improvements in patient satisfaction

Other campaigns

Oh, and we’ve got form! 

One of our biggest successes to date is a national report published by MBRRACE showed our efforts contributed to reducing twin stillbirths by almost 50% and neonatal deaths by 30%. Put another way 305 twin babies lives were saved and this is the biggest drop recorded among any group in the UK since records began.