We understand how challenging the first few years of being a parent of multiples can be. Would you like to speak with another dad of twin or multiples? Our peer support service for dads can put you in touch with other dads via a phone call, email or messaging. 

Peer Support Service for dads

If you are feeling exhausted or overwhelmed sometimes you just may need a listening ear from somebody who understands. Our volunteer dads understand how challenging the first few years can be. They will be able to empathise with you and talk through any concerns you might have.  They can share how it felt to become a dad of twins and explore ways of how you can support yourself and your partner.

The thing that has most helped me has been the ability to talk to other twin parents

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Personal experiences
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In Spring 2022, volunteer dads Rob Hallott and Paul Pether joined Twins Trust to open a new peer support service for dads of multiples. Here’s an update to see how the project has progressed.
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A twin dad from Evesham is raising money to help fund research into the devastating condition TTTS after his identical twin girls Isla and Jemima had a tough start in life.