Thank you for visiting our online community page. We aim to be a source of support and mutual understanding for our multiples’ community.

The groups are hosted on Facebook. Please find your relevant group below. Within these groups we encourage you to share supportive tips and advice to one another. Twins Trust are not liable for the comments posted in the groups, nor are we accountable for a member's choice to follow peer advice. The group does not replace the importance of seeking medical, or any other professional advice. Although the groups are overseen by admins, they are not checked on a regular basis. If you feel you need more information then please contact the Family Services Team through our Supporting You page.

Please note - it may take up to a week to be approved into our groups by a staff member from Twins Trust, although we try to respond as soon as possible. To protect the groups, we manually check that each request comes from a Twins Trust member or registered user and that the group rules have been accepted. 



Bereavement support communities

Our Bereavement Support Group is our main community support hub and is open to everyone to be part of.

Bereavement Support Group

Dedicated peer support for families who have a surviving baby following the loss of a twin.

Community for the Loss of a Twin

Dedicated peer support for families who have surviving babies following the loss of a triplet or quad.

Community for the Loss of a Triplet or Quad

Dedicated space for dads and partners to receive peer support at any stage following the loss of a twin, triplet or more.

Community for Bereaved Dads and Partners

Dedicated peer support for families who have experienced the loss of all their babies.

Remembrance Community: Loss of Twins and Triplets