Learning first aid that is specifically aimed at babies and children will help you feel more confident and empowered as a parent. Taking a paediatric first aid course can help you learn essential skills that could save your child’s life and/or help them if an accident ever happens.

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Twins Trust has partnered with Mini First Aid, a multi-award-winning Baby & Child First Aid class provider who offers classes for parents, grandparents and carers which are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable style, giving you the confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency.

Twins Trust Mini First Aid Online Course is for parents with babies and children and focuses on life-saving topics including CPR, choking, bumps, burns, breaks, bleeding, febrile seizures and Meningitis awareness. The courses are tailor made for anyone caring for twins, triplets or more.

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Mini First Aid Baby Proofing course
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Mini First Aid also run a Twins Trust Baby Proofing Online Course.  The course teaches you how to make your home safe for your little ones and prevent accidents in the home – very sadly, in 2020 over 60,000 children were admitted into hospital in the UK after a preventable accident. Parents and carers lead such busy lives that we are often just a bit of good luck away from a hair straightener burn, a fall down the stairs or a choking incident while your back is turned. Baby proofing will teach you how to help prevent these accidents from happening.

The course is designed for parents and carers of babies and children over 6 months. It follows on perfectly from the Twins Trust Mini First Aid Online Course or can be taken in isolation for those parents who are starting their weaning journey, or have a baby on the move! It is available at public venues or a private class at home. The 2-hour Baby Proofing class is accredited by the Global Alliance for Child Safety.

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Mum of six, (including 2 sets of twins) Kate Ball established Mini First Aid in January 2014, offering quality baby and child first aid and family safety classes to parents and carers. Mini First Aid now trains over 1000 families each week across our 70+ UK franchises. The multi-award-winning Zoom classes are delivered in a relaxed and comfortable style and give participants the confidence to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency. Kate, husband Matt and four of their children (including twins Emily and Olivia) appeared on the terrifying Dragons’ Den in 2021, securing investment from Sara Davies MBE. Mini First Aid is a member of the First Aid Industry Body and Association of First Aiders. Mini First Aid is delighted to have its courses accredited by The CPD standards agency.

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