Twins Trust is the UK-wide organisation that supports twins, triplets and more - and their families. We proudly support our families in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales. Our information, community, targeted support and work with healthcare professionals are all UK-wide. 

Families in Northern IrelandScotland and Wales and can access region-specific online communities.

We also offer UK-wide courses and Scottish government-funded courses for people living in Scotland.

In Northern Ireland, thanks to a partnership with Southern HSCT, we have a dedicated Multiples Health Visitor who works in the Southern HSCT area. Caroline Martin works with families and other healthcare professionals in her area on multiples-specific information and support. Caroline can be contacted on [email protected]. Please note, Caroline works one day per week on this role. Also, please contact your antenatal clinic for information on ‘multiple information evenings’ which are organised by each maternity unit.

In Scotland we engage with local maternity units, clinicians and the Scottish Government on issues affecting multiple birth families and support a number of twins and multiples clubs. Our Scottish office is open Tuesday and Wednesday, 8.30am to 5.30pm. To contact either email or telephone 0131 385 0933 ext 502.