Your special journey

You've recently found out you're expecting triplets, quads or more. You really are embarking on a unique and special journey that not many families are lucky enough to experience. Just to give you an idea about how special you are, only 0.03% of all births in the UK are triplets. Quads are even rarer.

It's normal to feel a mixture of emotions from joy and excitement to panic and fear and this can become overwhelming. We're here to support you through your journey, welcoming your babies and beyond.

All of our website support pages, resources and information are all written with triplets and more in mind so please look through all of our website's information because it will be useful for your journey. However, we want to dedicate this section to this special group. Here we'll share family experiences, parents' top tips and practical advice about how to care for more than two babies at once!

Finding out you're expecting triplets, quads or more

There are three or more babies starting to grow and join your family. This will most probably be a huge shock and it is likely that you are experiencing a mixture of emotions. These pages are written specifically for you.

Preparing for your babies' arrival

There are so many things to think about when preparing for three or more babies to join your family. We have lots of information to try and make this journey a little easier for you, along with some tips from triplet families about things they found helpful!

At home with triplets, quads or more

In this section, we've put together information that might help you navigate the early days. It's important to accept support from family and friends and remember Twins Trust is here to support you as well.

Triplets and more online club

A chance to connect with other parents of multiples from the comfort of your own home. Available to everyone with twins, triplets or more under the age of 3.

Personal experiences

Parents of triplets and more have shared their pregnancy and parenting journeys.

Twins Trust also has a facebook support group for triplets and more parents. Please click here to join. This group is moderated by Twins Trust Support Team and our parent moderators.