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Whether you'd like to chat about expecting multiples, feeding, sleeping, starting school, friendships, getting to grips with the teenage years or anything else multiples-related, our problem-solving service can provide the support you need.

Sometimes you may just need a listening ear, with no judgement, from somebody who understands. All our trained volunteers have developed expertise by virtue of parenting twins or triplets. We can also signpost you to our resources for further support.

To get in touch, call 0800 138 0509 (Mon-Fri 10am-1pm and 7pm-10pm) or complete the Ask Twinline form online. The best way to get a quick response is to call. Emails will be responded to within three working days. 


Susie's story
A phonecall to Twins Trust and a simple change to the daily routine for her twins made all the difference for mum Susie Hannam.


What twin parents say about Twinline

Twinline has already helped thousands across the UK with advice on sleep, routines, pregnancy and much more. Hear from Twinline users just like you on their experiences with the helpline.

"It was really nice to have a friendly voice to chat it through with and I’m grateful this service is available."

We spoke to a great lady. She was calm, supportive and reassured us we were doing a great job with our twins. As she spoke from experience - we felt immediate relief. 

"I spoke to someone on Twinline today as I was at breaking point. I can’t believe how knowledgeable the person was with so many tips which is just what I needed."



Personal stories from parents of multiples
Charlotte's story
Charlotte Preston turned to Twinline for support when she needed it the most.
Diana's story
Twin mum Diana Daborn called Twinline in despair over sleep and routines issues in 2016 – now she volunteers as a Twinline listener herself.
Helene's story
Having a Twins Trust volunteer expert at the end of the phone with some handy techniques has been a real lifeline for parents Helene and Gordon Stewart.  


Further help and resources from Twins Trust

Whatever stage you're at on your journey with multiples, we've so many ways for you to get involved, join the community and feel supported.

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Online community

Our online community groups offer a supportive environment for parents or carers of twins, triplets or more.

Antenatal courses

We offer a variety of in-person and online antenatal courses, run by our trained antenatal teacher, with experience in multiple births.