One of the most significant parts of raising newborn multiples is the issue of managing their sleep patterns. Getting into a routine when you have more than one child can be challenging and it’s understandably one of the most discussed topics in our online community.


Resources for managing sleep with twins and triplets

We've put together some information around the most frequently asked questions around sleep. Here you'll find answers to:


How do you follow safe sleep guidelines when you have twins, triplets or more?

It's important to follow safe sleep guidance when putting your babies down to nap or sleep, particularly if they are born prematurely or with a low birth weight. 

Safe sleep guidance


Can twins share a cot?

If you have twins or triplets, it is possible for them to share a large sleep space - this is called co-bedding. 

Research has shown that sleeping similar sized newborns within the same large cot does not mean that they wake more often. In fact, it can help with forming similar sleep patterns. 

How to co-bed multiples


When will my twins sleep through the night?

It's important to remember that newborn babies will not sleep through the night. 

Their little tummies need food at regular intervals, day and night, so they won't sleep longer than a couple of hours at a time. Try to arrange a way to cover the nights with the support available to you - some parents take it in turns to sleep away from the babies so that they get bouts of solid sleep whilst the other cares for the babies.

Sleep during the first year


A set of triplets sleeping next to each other


What products should I buy to help my twins and triplets sleep better?

As sleep is one of the most talked about problems with newborns, baby sleep is a huge industry. There are a vast amount of products that you can choose from, however, many of these are unnecessary and too many that are readily available are also unsafe and can increase the risk of SIDS. 

We always recommend that you double check the safety of any product before you buy it. Ensure you ask yourself before buying or using any product - does it comply with British Standards?

As a general rule, if it's something for the babies to sleep on, question:

  • Is it firm?
  • Is it entirely flat?
  • Does it have a waterproof cover?

If the answers to these are no, then we would advise you to NOT use it.


When should I transition my twins or triplets from a cot to a bed?

Moving from cots to beds is a huge milestone for your little ones and the truth is that the right time to make this transition is different for everyone.

Moving from cots to beds



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Personal stories from parents of multiples

Hear personal stories about how people have experienced sleep with their multiples and how Twins Trust services like our Twinline helpline supported them.

Diana's story
Twin mum Diana Daborn called Twinline in despair over sleep and routines issues in 2016 – now she volunteers as a Twinline listener herself.
David's story
β€œIt was a difficult time for all four of us,” said David. "The routine that we had suddenly was not working for us.


Further help and resources from Twins Trust

Sleep for twins, triplets and more is one of our most asked about topics and we understand that there are lots of questions you may have about how your babies are sleeping. We're here to support you during this stage of your children's development and the below resources have lots more useful information about sleep.


Our helpline, Twinline, is here to support you, answering questions about feeding, sleeping, starting school, friendships, getting to grips with the teenage years, or anything else multiples related.

Sleep online course

Our two-part course is designed for parents who have twins, triplets or more aged from 12 months old up until the age of five who are experiencing challenges around sleeping.

Sleep online clinic

Our regular sleep clinic gives you the opportunity to drop in and chat with experts and other parents of multiples about your babies' sleep.