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Monique welcomes miracle triplets after never giving up on her dream of becoming a mother

Life took a whole new direction for Monique Bertrand and her partner when they discovered she was pregnant with triplets.

Volunteering for Twins Trust: Joanne shares her story of growing up as a triplet

Joanne volunteers for Twins Trust, sharing her experiences with other families about growing up as a triplet.

Tash's story

Tash connected with fellow triplet parents through Twins Trust's virtual triplets club.

Chris and Vanya Lee's story

Chris Jenkins and his partner Vanya-Lee welcomed their triplets into the world in May 2021.

Paul's story

It's 11 years since tragedy struck when Paul's Mason's wife died just days after giving birth to their triplets.

Our three miracles

Gina's pregnancy was a rollercoaster of emotions, as she and husband Craig prepared to welcome triplets into the world.

Nothing but a positive experience

Steph Howard wants anyone who is expecting triplets to know that things can - and do - go right, even though you’re told from day one it's a high risk pregnancy.

"Pride was always important to us as a couple... but even more so now we have triplets"

The journey to parenthood was never easy for Angela McArthur and Siobhan Cullen but after realising they wanted to start a family, they looked at the options available to them as a same-sex couple.