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NICE Works II: Transforming Maternity Care for Multiples

Twins Trust's report, 'NICE Works II: Transforming Maternity Care for Multiples', demonstrates that maternity units were able to achieve a significant improvement in adherence to NICE QS46 (relating to multiple pregnancies) by taking part in Twins Trust's Maternity Engagement Project. Maternity units provide better, safer care for multiple pregnancies when following NICE guidelines.

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Twins Trust Maternity Engagement QI Project (T-MEP)

Research shows that when NICE Guideline 137 (NG137) is implemented in full, the rate of stillbirths, neonatal deaths, emergency c-sections and neonatal admissions is reduced. The Twins Trust Maternity Engagement QI Project is working with maternity units across the UK to identify and implement changes to improve antenatal care for multiple pregnancies, in line with NICE NG137, which will help to deliver elements within SBLCB V2. 

CPD Learning – Videos and Webinars

This area is free and provides access to CPD videos covering antenatal, intrapartum, best practice and multiple specific study days. A log of your CPD activity is recorded under ‘My CPD’ and can be viewed or printed off in certificate format at any time.

Resources– for Professionals and Parents

Under the Healthcare Professional Resources you will find our NICE endorsed multiple pregnancy care plan and case studies. We also produce an email newsletter containing the latest news, research, upcoming multiple specific events and CPD opportunities. In the Parent Resources there are multiple-specific factsheets on safer sleeping and PND and booklets including Healthy Multiple Pregnancy, Neonatal Care, Preparing for Parenthood, TTTS, Breastfeeding and Bereavement.

Twins Trust's Research and Clinical Excellence

Twins Trust supports research into conditions and concerns affecting multiple-birth babies and their families. As part of the Global Twins and Multiples Priority Setting Partnership, we helped develop a top-10 list of research priorities for multiple-birth families, clinicians and researchers. Based on these, we are seeking to continue our mission to reduce stillbirths, neonatal deaths and neonatal admissions through key research. Each year we also fund research in partnership with the British Maternal and Fetal medicine Society (BMFMS). We also work on improving the quality of care across UK hospitals. 

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