Useful information for your babies' first 12 months.


All parents respond to their babies in different ways, whether they have one baby or four. Find out about bonding with your babies.


Babies cry for different reasons. They may be hungry, tired, hot, cold, lonely, scared, poorly or need their nappy changed.


No one knows what causes colic. Doctors say it is like a tummy ache: your twins, triplets or more cry and you are unable to comfort them.

Bathing your babies

As a new parent of twins, triplets or more bathing all of them can be an overwhelming thought. It doesn’t have to be.

Out and about

Getting out of the house for fresh air is good for you and your babies, plus it helps break up the day. We have tips for managing.


Yes, it’s going to be messy but it will be fun too. To help you prepare for weaning, we have put together lots of resources to help.


Here’s what you need to know about vaccinations and baby immunisations.

Enhancing individuality

From birth onwards, all children need to develop a sense of self. How can you help develop your children’s individuality?