As the largest dedicated medical negligence law firm in the country, our specialist team has many years of experience in cases involving birth injuries and we understand the complexities that may occur with multiple births.

Through our work, we understand that if one or more of your children live with a disability or have suffered from a serious injury or illness, the emotional and physical impact can be life changing. We can help you access the best medical care, rehabilitation and support.

We've supported families for many years - we understand how concerned you may be about the level of care and support your children will have or are currently receiving and we can offer help and advice every step of the way. All families should have access to the right legal and financial support to ensure their children's needs are addressed.


How we can support you

Our expert legal and financial teams can offer guidance and advice on a wide range of areas including:

  • Medical negligence, including birth injuries
  • Education and healthcare plans
  • Employment law
  • Deputyships and Trusts
  • Wills and estate planning, for example naming guardians in your Will
  • Family law
  • Welfare benefits guidance and advice
  • Future planning including financial assessments. 

We also have dedicated Support & Rehabilitation Coordinators (SRCs) available to provide additional advice and support to all of our clients, for free, because we recognise the specialist support our client’s need whilst we work to establish if there is a case. Our SRCs provide links to local support networks and offer practical day-to-day advice for you and your family.

You can find out more about how we can support you and your family by downloading our online booklet or by visiting


Our track record

You can read about our recent cases involving multiple births in these articles:

At Irwin Mitchell, we always offer free initial advice and will talk through your legal options so you can make an informed choice about how you wish to move forward.

We're members of the Law Society, Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA) and APIL Clinical Negligence accredited panels. We're also one of a select group of law firms who hold a Legal Aid Franchise to support funding of cases in birth injury claims.


Get in touch
Anita Jewitt
Anita Jewitt


Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0207 4214718 / 07749 372 596

Anita is a highly experienced Partner in the Medical Negligence team in London at Irwin Mitchell. Anita has three children, two of whom are non-identical twin boys, and she is also a member of Twins Trust. Anita and the team of specialist lawyers at Irwin Mitchell have considerable experience in representing children who have suffered injuries at or around the time of their birth, and these include cases on behalf of multiples. We have offices around the country and wherever possible we will come out to see you at home for an initial meeting to provide you with some advice, with no obligation to proceed.

Anita is particularly passionate about working to improve patient safety. We partnered with Twins Trust because we have shared aims to work together to try and improve outcomes and the long term futures for children and families of multiples.

Anita featured in the Summer 2023 edition of Multiple Matters. You can read a copy online.

Multiple pregnancies are high risk and specialist care is needed to ensure safe outcomes for expectant parents and children. Complications can arise in multiple pregnancies and these can include a lack of oxygen at birth leading to Cerebral Palsy, Twin to Twin Transfusion syndrome and Retinopathy of Prematurity to name just a few. Tragically, sometimes failings in care can lead to death and we have the experience to be able to sensitively, but robustly, represent families at Inquests in order to try and obtain answers to some of their questions. We are proud to partner with Twins Trust who offer such fantastic support for their members.

Anita is recognised by independent directories Chambers & Partners and The Legal 500. She is a past winner of the 'Next 100 Years Inspirational Women in Law' award. Anita is an accredited member of the AvMA Specialist Clinical Negligence panel, which is an essential quality mark for clinical negligence lawyers. The AvMA panel was set up to ensure patients and their families have access to practitioners who are committed to providing specialist clinical negligence services which focus on the client’s needs. AvMA expects a high standard of legal service from its panel members but practitioners who are prepared to go that extra mile on behalf of their clients and who share AvMA’s broader aims and objectives on patient safety and justice.

Parents of multiples often need specialist legal or financial advice, such as employment law support, family law, Wills & Trusts, or if there have been failings in care.  When it comes to failings in medical care, although pursuing a legal claim cannot turn the clock back, it can help to secure our clients' futures and fund specialist rehabilitation and care.


Client feedback for Anita

We wanted to thank you for all the support you have offered throughout the duration of Sarah's case. We had no experience of how the legal systems works and it was a very daunting prospect as well as an emotional rollercoaster, but you have been a constant source of strength and we're very grateful for the guidance and empathy you have shown to us along with your very sharp professional skills.

"Calming, reassuring manner which helps clients who are often stressed by the litigation process. She has excellent judgment and gives clear advice. She fights her client's corner." - Legal 500

"She is excellent and has a great approach to her cases. "She has excellent client-handling skills and ensures her clients understand the issues even in complex cases. She is tactically aware and leaves no stone unturned. And "She is focused on providing exceptional client care. - Chambers & Partners

"She is described as a "fabulous" lawyer. "Peers speak of a very impressive individual" who is "extremely dedicated" and "would go to the ends of the earth to get the case right." - Chambers & Partners