The Maternity Engagement Team is working to ensure that multiple pregnancies receive the correct level of care in hospital.

Initially funded by the Department of Health, the Maternity Engagement Programme is now one of Twins Trust’s priorities and it is committed to continuing the work as part of its ongoing focus on quality improvement for maternity units.

The overall aim is to ensure that women receive the right level of care for their type of pregnancy in line with national guidance as evidence suggests that following the guidelines saves lives whilst promoting good, safe quality care for all.

As the guidelines are not compulsory not all maternity units are following them. To try and combat this, the Twins Trust team works with specialist midwives who visit maternity units and work with them to improve the level of care given. We also provide booklets on multiple pregnancy that the units can give to parents expecting twins or more and the units can also get advice from the midwives and Twins Trust team.

We are supporting teams in hospitals to implement NICE QS46 – eight quality standards that describe the high quality care parents of multiples should expect. After working with units across the UK, we have the proof that following the guidelines works.

To help make sure the correct care is given at the correct time during pregnancy, the Engagement Team created a multiple specific care pathway which details what should be happening when throughout your pregnancy which you can print out and take to your appointments.

We would encourage you to tell your unit about Twins Trust and the work we are doing and we would be happy to help them to improve the care they can offer.

If you have any questions about the care you are receiving from your unit please contact us on [email protected]