It’s generous gifts from Twins Trust supporters and our members that make our work possible. Thank you. Here’s how you make a real difference to the lives of families with twins, triplets and more:

  • Our Maternity Engagement Project helps maternity units to improve their adherence to NICE multiple birth guidelines, thereby helping to create better, safer multiple pregancies.  
  • Families in severe need can receive practical help through Twins Trust Family Crisis Support.
  • Twinline, our free helpline, gives parents and carers of multiples someone to talk to who understands – all our listeners are parents of twins, triplets or more.
  • Breastfeeding Peer Supporters are ready to help answer questions about breastfeeding or mix feeding your babies. Naturally, they’re all mums of twins or more.
  • A huge amount of information is available to inform and reassure parents expecting two or more babies. From antenatal care and the birth to neonatal care and coming home from hospital. It’s all free to read, watch and download from our website.
  • Twins Trust specialist courses help parents get ready for their babies. Through our webinars they can learn positive ways to handle the unique challenges of parenting multiples as they develop and grow up.
  • We undertake important new research, so mums and babies are looked after better during pregnancy and after birth.
  • Through our campaigns, we work with politicians and the government to make sure they understand the unique problems our families face.
  • Families who have sadly lost one or more of their babies find understanding and support with our bereavement service.