There's something for everyone to fundraise for Twins Trust. Here's a few simple ways that you can get involved. Why not try...

  • A bake sale. Classic fundraising gold 
  • How many sandwiches can you eat in an hour? Get sponsored to get munching
  • What about a 1km walk or even scoot? Get the kids involved too
  • Who can stand on their head for longest? Lots of laughs and loads of money
  • A pub quiz is always a winner - maybe even get your kids to set the questions 
  • Sponsored silence. Great way to raise money and get some peace and quiet
  • Why not let your kids dress you for a day? Your friends would pay to see it
  • Or even a pyjamas day. It'll make morning times that much easier too...
  • Everyone loves having their car washed. Why not raise a few pounds from family and friends and get the children involved

Get in touch with us so we can support you.

Be inspired
Abigail's story
Abigail is helping to raise awareness of the work of Twins Trust through her role as a multiples pregnancy midwife.
Danielle's story
Twin mum Danielle is busy training for the Great North Run
Gemma's trek
Gemma Howley was so devastated for her good friends Katy and Andy when they lost their baby twins that she wanted to do something in their memory. She embarked on a 3-day 60km trek through Iceland.
Daring dad defeats The Wall
Simon Bradley took the 69 mile run along Hadrian's Wall to raise money for Twins Trust.
Dad embraces Tough Mudder challenge
Wirral dad David Smith took on a messy challenge for us after nearly losing his baby girls to TTTS. Along with his friend Simon Guy, they took on the Tough Mudder Challenge.
Raising funds with the Reindeer Run
Eight families took part. Parents with new babies led the way with their prams while toddlers grabbed the chance to run free.