The Office for Product Safety and Standards has issued an Urgent Safety Alert for baby self-feeding pillows and is urging the public to stop using them immediately and dispose of them safely.

Self-feeding pillows/prop feeders present a risk of serious harm or death from choking or aspiration pneumonia.

Talking through your feeding choices with your health visitor and your partner can help you feel more confident that the choices you are making work best for you and your babies. You can also contact Twinline or Twins Trust's breastfeeding peer supporters to help you work through your options.

If your babies are born early, are unwell or are not putting on weight, ask your health professional for guidance on how and when to feed your babies.

Some parents find that developing a routine of some sort works well for them and their babies, while others find they prefer to 'go with the flow' - it's your choice.


Many mothers breastfeed their twins, triplets or more. Twins Trust is here to support you with whichever feeding choice is best for your family.

Bottle feeding

Feeding your babies is very much a personal choice and you should do what works best for you, your babies and your family situation. One option is to bottle feed.


We have information on expressing breast milk, expressing when at home, storing breast milk and feeding your babies expressed breast milk.

Mixed feeding

Some parents decide that a combination of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding will work best for them.

Formula Feeding

Feeding your babies is very much a personal choice and one option is to bottle feed with formula.  Find out more about this method here.

Feeding more than two babies

The most important thing to remember when you get home is not to put too much pressure on yourself.