Regardless of whether you are a bump in waiting or are already a parent of twins, triplets or more: SYMBA is here to help. We offer support, advice, reassurance and hopefully lots of fun. On what is, let's face it, an incredible adventure! Just remember; when you feel you can't go on; you're in the middle of endless nappy changes and feeding and you haven't slept for what feels like a decade, you will go into your babies room, and each one will give you their morning smile and the stress seems to ebb away. Your life will be constantly full of laughter, and the words mummy and daddy will soon resonate everywhere. And the cuddles, well, they will be endless and it will all be worthwhile. SYMBA covers Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley and surrounding areas. For more information about our playgroup and membership please visit our website. Membership to SYMBA is free, and being part of our club has so many benefits. We have a secret Facebook page for our members; come and meet us all virtually, and make some friends for life. For safety reasons our main Facebook page is a secret one. It is a very active page where our 200+ members chat, swap advice and tips. You can only gain access to our main Facebook page once you are a member of our Club. You can join by completing our quick and easy membership form on our website here -