We are one of the UK's leading medical negligence team of solicitors. For more than 30 years, we have helped thousands of people recover compensation for their injuries to provide a better future for them and their families.

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Our medical negligence solicitors are experts in running high-value birth injury cases, focusing on achieving maximum awards to fund vital rehabilitation, care, support and therapies, including education and adapted accommodation. We treat each case with the respect and sensitivity it deserves.

Our medical experts assess the unique and lifelong needs of each child over several years to ensure they are supported for life, meaning cases can take time to conclude. Meanwhile, we work to obtain interim payments to ensure that urgent and pressing needs are met quickly, including financial support for parents caring for babies and children.

As an example, we achieved settlement of £3.4m for Oliver who was born at the Horton General Hospital. His mother had been admitted to hospital the previous day expecting twins. She was then 34 weeks pregnant.

At about 4.48am, William (twin one) was delivered "easily". Oliver was noted to be in a compound presentation of both hand and vertex. The obstetrician, having twice unsuccessfully tried ventouse delivery with a silastic cup, then proceeded to emergency Caesarean section.

Oliver was eventually delivered by Caesarean section at 5.30am. He has dystonic athetoid cerebral palsy, caused by acute fetal asphyxia.

On behalf of our client we alleged that the doctors should have delivered Oliver and his brother by Caesarean section immediately, in the light of the persistent (and deteriorating) severe bradycardia on the CTG at 3am on 9 February. This would have taken about 30 minutes to achieve and both twins should therefore have been delivered before 4am.

Although Oliver suffers very severe physical injuries, he functions well cognitively and it is hoped that with special schooling he will be able to make significant achievements despite his communication difficulties.

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Our people
Julia Hamilton
Julia Hamilton

Partner, Medical Negligence

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0330 460 6780

I am an experienced clinical negligence lawyer and have been acting for Claimants in medical negligence cases for more than 20 years.

I specialise in catastrophic injury claims, particularly in children who have suffered the most severe injuries including cerebral palsy, brain tumours and stroke as well as claims arising from brachial plexus or Erb's palsy injuries and in fatal claims.

I have secured settlements in complex and difficult cases achieving high levels of compensation to meet the ongoing needs of those affected by negligence. I am recognised for my ability to sensitively guide clients through litigation and I am dedicated to securing the best possible outcomes for my clients.

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Legal 500 2023

Julia Hamilton is exceptionally good at handling sensitive and difficult cases. She is excellent with clients, gains their confidence at an early stage and retains that throughout. She fights hard for her clients and is incredibly thorough.

Marcos Eleftheriou
Marcos Eleftheriou

Director, Medical Negligence

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0330 460 6352

I am a Legal Director in the medical negligence team at Fieldfisher. I have practiced in this area since qualifying in 2010.

I have extensive experience of representing catastrophically injured claimants and their families, helping them to rebuild their lives through rehabilitation and substantial damages settlements.

I develop strong working relationship with my clients and understand the life changing physical and financial circumstances they find themselves in. I work hard to provide them with direct, clear advice and closely support them through the litigation process.

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Client feedback for Marcos

Marcos, I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for us and more so the way you have handled this case with such sympathy; you've been incredibly delicate throughout which has helped me massively. It's been a tough road but I'm so relieved it's over now. I couldn't recommend you enough Marcos.


Case study - Freddie's story

In this anonymised film, the parents of a young boy with cerebral palsy explain how settlement of their birth injury claim changed all their lives – including funding carers, therapies and adapted accommodation.

The Fieldfisher team pursued the claim and the Court of Protection team continues to act as Freddie's deputy.


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