Because of the importance of making information available during the early stages of pregnancy, so that you can make informed choices regarding your care pathway, we have set aside a limited amount of funding to offer these courses (usually £30) for free for a 6-month period.

Why choose a Twins Trust early pregnancy workshop?
  • Tailor made for multiple pregnancies.
  • Run by a trained antenatal teacher with experience in multiple births
  • Get your questions answered in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.
  • Meet others expecting twin, triplets or more and start to form a support network

This course is aimed at pregnant women and their partners before 20 weeks.  However, we recommend attending as early in your pregnancy as possible to benefit the most from this course.

Twins Trust is the leading UK provider of specialist multiple birth specific antenatal courses.

What will I learn?
  • How to look after yourself and your developing babies
  • Nutrition and exercise in a twin or triplet pregnancy
  • How to choose where to give birth to your twins or triplets
  • What to expect from your antenatal care for multiple pregnancies
  • Tips to cope with common multiple pregnancy complications
What does the course include?

The course is currently free (usually £30) and includes the following:

  • 2 hour online interactive session
  • Expert Multiple Birth Antenatal Teacher
  • Post course follow up support
  • Opportunity to meet (virtually) other people expecting twins, triplets or more.