Our themed clinics give you the opportunity to drop in and chat with experts and other parents of multiples on the topics that interest you. 

Where possible we recommend you've watched the relevant parenting course before attending our free clinics.

These clinics will give you access to our support practitioner, a sleep specialist and experienced parents of twins and triplets. The clinics are a supportive, non-judgemental place to gain further support and advice on the current challenges you are facing.

Parenting clinics are free and will run on Tuesdays from 11am-12pm. Please check individual events for dates and topic information.



Sleep is one of the subjects we get asked about most often, as well as being one of the most discussed in our peer-to-peer support groups.

Getting a good night's sleep can be challenging for all parents, but even more so for parents of twins, triplets or more. Maybe you're struggling to get your babies to nap in the daytime. Or having trouble getting them to sleep at night. Maybe you're transitioning from cods to beds. Or have excitable toddlers who don't want to calm down for bedtime. Whatever the issue, our sleep clinic can provide reassurance and advice on the strategies right for your family.

We are excited to welcome Stephanie Modell as the current host of our sleep clinic. Stephanie is a triplet mum and so understands first hand the extra challenges parenting multiples bring. She is the author of 'The baby sleep guide' and '100 tips to help your baby to sleep' and works as a maternity nurse and a sleep consultant. Stephanie has a wealth of knowledge and experience and this is an excellent opportunity to receive support, advice and answers to your questions about everything to do with promoting good sleep in our twins, triplets and more.

We have more information available on sleep for your twins, triplets and more.

Before attending a sleep clinic, we recommend you have taken our Sleep online course and watched our Sleep Expectations webinar, which is free for Twins Trust members.



If your twins, triplets or more are displaying challenging behaviour, you're not alone. We're here to help you understand your multiples' behaviour and provide strategies that are right for your family. Discussing your challenges can make them feel less overwhelming and other families' experiences also reassure you that you are part of a community that understands.

Come along and chat with our support practitioner, Gemma, who is a qualified Norland nanny with 15 years' experience in parenting training. She's been running our behaviour course for seven years and is excited to have this opportunity to provide families with further individual support.

We also have more information available on dealing with your multiples' behaviour.

Before attending a behaviour clinic, we recommend you have taken our Behaviour online course.


Under 1s

Are your twins, triplets or more under one year old? Would you like the opportunity to chat and ask questions about this stage of your babies' lives? Maybe you have questions about routines, bathing, moving onto solids, development or more. 

Come along to our Under 1s clinic and chat with our Support Practitioner, Gemma, as well as other parents of multiples who are at a similar stage of their parenting journey. Gemma is a qualified Norland Nanny with 15 years' experience in parenting training. She's been supporting families with twins, triplets and more for many years and is excited to have this opportunity to provide even more families with further individual support. The clinic is a safe and supportive environment and is very informal. You can attend anytime between 11am and 12pm.

You can also find more information to support you on your journey through the first twelve months with your multiples in our 'The First Year' section.


Special events

Look out for our special events which will be running approximately once a month. During these events we will invite guest speakers to join us to answer questions on a range of topics such as car seat safety, education, flexible working requests and more!