You'll all be aware of Coronavirus and the concerns surrounding this and we understand that health worries are often heightened during pregnancy.  We have been in contact with all of our course facilitators and they all have the latest guidance and advice on the matter.

If you are concerned about whether you personally need to avoid contact with other people, use the NHS111 online tool for official guidance.

For more information and the latest updates on Coronavirus and pregnancy, please visit

This course aims to provide expectant couples of twins, triplets or more in Scotland with information on multiple pregnancy and provide support and advice on health and wellbeing during pregnancy and the first few months following delivery. The session is delivered by a registered midwife with multiple-specific experience and runs from 10am - 3.30pm with a break for lunch (light lunch is provided). The small group numbers allow everyone to get to know one another and many stay in touch with each other after the course, finding a vital support network for when their babies are born. 

What topics are covered?

  • Birth and delivery choices for multiples
  • What to expect in labour
  • How to cope with pain and what choices are available for pain control
  • Weighing up vaginal versus Caesarean birth
  • How to make Caesarean birth special if that is your chosen option
  • Recovery after a Caesarean birth
  • Prematurity
  • What to expect in a Special Care Baby Unit
  • How to breastfeed or feed more than one baby
  • Routines and sleeping

All course attendees receive a free copy of the Healthy Multiple Pregnancy Guide.

This session is sponsored by Awards for All Scotland and is therefore free to attend however must be booked in advance as places are limited to 14. A light lunch is provided. 

We recommend waiting until after 20 weeks into your pregnancy to attend an antenatal session.