Parent Recommendations (Pushchairs)

Hey parents of twins, triplets and more, we need your help!  

We frequently get asked about which is the best twin/triplet pushchair to buy.  Who better to ask than you?  Please help fellow parents pick the right pushchair by answering the following 4 questions in the pushchair survey discussion.  Thanks 😊

1.)    What is the make and model of your favourite pushchair? 

2.)    Is this suitable for : 

•    Twins
•    Triplets
•    3 or more 

3.)    Which features of the pushchair do you find particularly useful? 

a) Easily fits through a single door frame / good for shops
b) Can be used on off road terrain / Safe for running
c) Car seats can be connected to the frame
d) Small and compact when folded down
e) Suitable for new born to toddler
f) Lots of storage space
g) Affordable

4.)  Any other top tips for getting out and about with your twins, triplets or more? 

Please add your answers to our pushchair survey discussion.

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