The Twins Trust recognition scheme gives maternity units across the UK the opportunity to gain recognition for providing high quality care for those experiencing a multiple pregnancy.

Logos for the Recognition Scheme with the recognised logo on the left and participating on the right

As part of the Maternity Engagement Project, Twins Trust works with units to improve the standard of care for multiple pregnancies in line with NICE guideline NG137. The project is in place because evidence suggests that following the NICE guidelines for multiple pregnancies saves lives whilst promoting good, safe quality care for all.

Our recognition scheme acknowledges those maternity units who take part in our Maternity Engagement Project and categorises them as one of:

  • 'recognised' - have completed the project and have made demonstrable improvement in the care they provide for multiple birth families;
  • 'participating' - are taking part in the Maternity Engagement Project with the aim of improving their adherence to NICE guidelines;
  • 'participated' - have completed the project and made slight improvements but are still working towards greater adherence to NICE guidelines.

Units across the UK have been recognised for improving the care provided to multiple birth families including the provision of a dedicated multi-disciplinary team, having the correct care plans for all types of multiple pregnancy and introducing a dedicated twins clinic as per the recommendation in the Ockenden Report.

A female midwife looks at the screen on a sonography machine

We would like to congratulate the units who have been granted the status of 'recognised' and thank our team of specialist midwives who work alongside us to help units improve the level of care provided.

Use the interactive map below, or open it separately here, to explore the 43 units who have partnered with Twins Trust since our work with hospitals began in 2017. You can also get in touch to learn more about the project and find out how to get involved.