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  • Ask the Expert - Feeding

    Can I breastfeed my premature babies? Can I combine breast/ bottle/ formula feeding? How can I comfort one baby whilst feeding the other? When should my babies give up their night feeds? Reach out to our expert now with your feeding question:

  • Pregnancy

    Are you pregnant with twins, triplets or more? Connect with other expectant parents, ask questions and share your support.

  • Parent Recommendations

    We frequently get asked about what products are the best for twins, triplets or more.  Who better to ask than you?

  • Parenting: Under 1s

    Have you recently welcomed twins, triplets or more? Or are you about to and have questions of what to expect in the first year? Our under 1's group is a great place to start.

  • Parenting: preschool

    Do you have preschool aged twins, triplets or more? Connect with parents of similar aged multiples and celebrate the milestones together on their way to starting school.

  • Parenting: Primary

    Are your twins, triplets or more taking the next big step into starting school? Our primary group is a great place to meet other parents of multiples.

  • Parenting: Secondary

    If your twins, triplets or more are starting secondary, becoming teenagers and beginning to want more independence, this is the group for you. Chat with other parents of similar aged multiples.

  • Adult twins, triplets or more

    Whether you're a parent of twins, triplets or more that are moving into adulthood or you're a multiple yourself, this group is here to support you and help you connect with others.

  • Ask the Expert - Sleep

    When should your babies nap during the day? How much sleep do they need? How can you encourage them to fall asleep in their cot? Dummies – yes or no? How can you stop one baby waking the other? Now is your chance to ask the expert.

  • Scotland

    Are you a parent of twins, triplets or more in Scotland? Or about to be? Join our discussion and chat to other parents here.

  • COVID-19

    During this difficult time it can help to have a space to talk and ask questions about how others are dealing with social distancing.


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