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Welcome to our BRAND NEW Twins Trust Community Forum. 

The community forum has been designed to offer a supportive environment for parents or carers of twins, triplets or more. We would like to ask everyone to please read our guidelines and policy before posting. 

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We wanted to make sure that our families had somewhere to connect and talk to each other. Due to the current situation with COVID 19 we felt this was particularly important. Please bear with us as these pages are new - if you come across any bugs please do let us know via this form.

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  • COVID-19

    During this difficult time it can help to have a space to talk and ask questions about how others are dealing with social distancing.

  • Pregnancy

    Are you pregnant with twins, triplets or more? Connect with other expectant parents, ask questions and share your support.

  • Parenting

    Looking to talk to other parents of twins, triplets or more? Our parenting group is a great place to start.


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