Family Crisis Support Service offers short term practical support at home to families with twins, triplets and more in times of severe need or crisis.

Our Twins Trust Practitioner and Volunteers are all qualified childcare professionals trained by the prestigious Norland College. Practitioners provide short term hands on practical help and advice at home, supporting families to help cope with the challenges they face and build confidence through enabling and empowering the families during a time of real need.

Families could find themselves in severe need due to many different circumstances:

For example: a parental bereavement or medical condition that requires hospital stays or operations
Twins, triplets or more who have medical conditions and/or may be in hospital/home or split up
Families who suffer from social isolation and have exhausted all the support from friends and family
Parents who may be suffering from post-natal depression or mental health issues.

Everyone I encountered was very supportive, encouraging & understanding. Felt relatable like they understood some of the struggles we are facing.

To be considered for help, families need to:

To be considered for help, families need to:

  • be in need of support for their twins, triplets or more who are preschool age (0-4 years) or younger in a time of severe need or crisis as outlined above
  • be unable to afford to pay for help or source appropriate help to meet their families needs.
  • have sought and exhausted all help from family, friends, neighbours for example
  • have their application supported by a relevant professional such as a Health Visitor, Social Worker, Midwife or charity support worker.

Please note that the placement of support practitioners is mostly operating in England and Wales. We are working to expand this.

If you do not fit the criteria for our Family Crisis Support but you still need help and advice you can still get support from us.

Our Family Support Service provides remote support to all families who would like to talk to one of our Early Year professionals with regards to their twins, triplets and more and can help in areas such as routines, sleeping, feeding. Please see our Family Support Service page and fill in the short application form.

We also have lots of resources that could help you as well as our virtual clubs which is aimed at parents who struggle to get out of the house with their twins, triplets and more but still want to make connections with other parents in a similar situation.

Apply for Family Crisis Support

To apply for at home help from this service please follow the link below. We also welcome applications from health professionals to this service through the same link.

Family Crisis Support Application

I’ve applied – what happens now?
  • Once the application is received, a member of our Family Support team will be in touch to talk through what is happening at home in order to establish how best we can support you.
  • People who self-refer will be asked to provide an email and contact number for a relevant Health Professional to support their request for help (if one hasn’t already been given)
  • If you are a professional referring a family, one of our support team will contact you first to discuss the best way to support the family.
  • For families accepted for support, Twins Trust will allocate a support practitioner. Please note that many of our families are supported by volunteers who help in their spare time.
  • After the support has been given we will be in touch to request feedback on the support and service given. This will be shared with the referring relevant professional

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team.

Please note that we are unable to receive donations of equipment, clothing, formula or nappies as we do not have any storage facilities.

If you would like to support our families, you may want to consider making a financial donation to Family Crisis Support or getting involved in fundraising challenges.

Terms and Conditions (Please Read)

All professionals in this scheme have been subject to the relevant checks and hold insurance. These have been confirmed by the agencies involved. Decisions on eligibility and priority of requests are made at the sole discretion of Twins Trust. Applicants agree to abide by these terms and conditions.