21 June 2023 

In the heart of lockdown, when they didn't know where else to turn, Twins Trust's expertise made the world of difference for Nettie and Tobi. 

Nettie and Tobi adopted twin girls just days into the first Covid lockdown in March 2020.

Life was turned upside down as the UK faced severe restrictions to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Tobi and Nettie

The new parents were adapting to life as a family of four and signed up for a Twins Trust membership. Luckily, we were able to step in and offer words of advice when the couple needed it most.

Mum Nettie said: “The contact with Twins Trust meant a lot to us when the girls first arrived.

“We were recommended Twins Trust by one of our social workers and we signed up for a membership."

After talking to Twins Trust's Head of Membership, a suggestion was made about whether the family needed additional support. 

“This was just amazing at the time. We were in a situation where everything had been cut off during lockdown. To have somebody contact us and say ‘we would really like to help you’ meant a lot to us," Nettie said. 

The couple filled in a form about the support they needed and were put in touch with Family Support Practitioner Gemma Gunter.

Twins on the beach

Nettie added: “Gemma rung me fairly regularly to chat and it was so helpful to be able to talk with her and be able to ask her lots of questions. I could share the load a bit. It really felt like we weren’t on our own in what we were doing. We trusted her completely. We would have been trawling the internet otherwise and it was really good to have that expert contact that we knew we could trust. We didn’t have the support we thought we were going to have, so it was very welcome at the time.”