3 January 2023

A Twins Trust Family Support Practitioner was presented with a special award for her work helping families in crisis.

Gemma Gunter (2nd from left), who trained as a Norland nanny, was given the Strength in Adversity Award at the Norland event in Mayfair, London.

Gemma Gunter (2nd left) receives Strength in Adversity Award at Norland Awards
© Lloyd Sturdy

Twins Trust has had a partnership with Norland for 10 years, supporting families who have found themselves in desperate need and crisis through the Family Crisis Support Service.

During the past decade, thanks to the kindness of the volunteer Norlanders, Twins Trust has helped improve the lives of hundreds of families.

Helen Regan, Twins Trust’s Co-Head of Family Services, said: “The difference Norlanders make is immeasurable: families tell us how professional, knowledgeable and understanding they are with the help they give.

“The generosity of Norlanders and their devotion to families is something all of us at Twins Trust are truly grateful for.

“Strength in adversity is one of Norland’s founding mottos.

“To offer strength at a challenging time is absolutely lifesaving for a family.”

The award celebrates the incredible dedication that Norlander Gemma has delivered to hundreds of families during her seven years at Twins Trust.

Helen added: “Gemma uses her skills and training from Norland to dramatically improve the everyday lives of families with multiples.

“She has gone above and beyond for more than 170 families, making sure they have what they need when their world has turned upside down overnight.

“We are often told just what a difference Gemma makes to the families she visits and she truly deserves this award.”

“The Strength in Adversity Award from Twins Trust symbolises Gemma’s unwavering compassion for the families she supports,” said Dr Janet Rose, Principal of Norland College.

“We are thrilled that Norlanders volunteer so much of their free time to support vulnerable families. Gemma’s extensive work with Twins Trust has improved the everyday lives of so many families. Norland is proud to join with the charity in recognising her incredible work as a volunteer to help families in crisis.”

If you are a qualified Norlander, you can volunteer to support our families at home through the Family Crisis Support service, Please note this part of volunteering is only open to those who have been trained and completed their training at Norland College. All applications for volunteering are shared with the Norland Agency. For more information on our partnership with Norland please email [email protected]