26 November 2021

A phone call to Twins Trust and a simple change to the daily routine for her twins made all the difference for mum Susie Hannam.  

Susie and Sean with twin boys Ronnie and Roddy

Susie and husband Sean are parents to twin boys Ronnie and Roddy. The family was struggling with a lack of time and headspace during their busy days when the boys dropped their daytime naps when they were two-and-a-half.

So Susie got in touch with Twins Trust’s Twinline. Now some great advice has transformed Susie’s days with her boys.  

She said: “Everything was a challenge from breakfast to trying to get them ready.  

“All the transition parts of the day.  

We were not stopping all day and I didn’t have enough time or headspace.

She called on Twins Trust for some support and advice.  

Susie said she “had a good old cry” with the Twinline volunteer, having not initially realised the pressure she had been under. She was able to open up about the struggles she was facing.

Twinline volunteer Cath Mathieson suggested a change to the daily routine for the family. Snuggle time was introduced and now means the Hannam family, who live in Buckinghamshire, can sit down, eat lunch together and rest a little before the day continues.  

Susie added: “Our new routine of snuggle time after lunch is going very well.  

One day the twins stopped on the sofa with blankets for 40 minutes, which was a great breather for us all. 

“My huge thanks to Cath for her time, support and ideas.  

“Without talking to her and Helen Regan, Family Crisis Support Senior Coordinator at Twins Trust, I don’t think I would have found my new routine. 

“As simple as it is when you are in the midst it’s really hard to see what to do next. 

“Talking to them both gave me the clear vision that I needed and got me there.” 

Susie said a simple conversation about the routine and another person reassuring her really helped her.  

She continued: “Somebody was saying that that was ok. That was amazing.  

I cannot thank you enough. I now look forward to lunch again because I know I’m going to get to sit down and being all together is lovely. It has made a huge difference.  

“I would not hesitate to call you again and will be sharing how great my experience was with all my other twin parent friends.”