20 July 2023

An online club turned out to be a real saviour for one triplet mum.

Tash Ouchakova came across Twins Trust online and later joined our virtual triplets club.

She said: "I was looking on Facebook groups as I didn't know any twin or triplet mums. I was looking for a group to see if I could connect or relate to someone and I found Twins Trust on Facebook. I had my babies in the middle of Covid so I didn't have an antenatal group. My triplets, Victoria, Vlada and Taisia were born on 15 November 2021. I had my husband here and my mum was helping for a couple of months but I had no other mum friends. I had no idea what to do with the babies at the time I got to Twins Trust, I was desperate. I had no routine, I hadn't sleep trained until about 11 months so it was quite difficult and I didn't know what to do with them."

When Tash discovered the online triplets club, she said she was pleased to find other parents ready to support each other.

Cropped picture of a woman's arms leaning on a laptop

She added: "I did join the virtual triplets club pretty much every week, probably from when the girls were about six or seven months old. Sometimes I would be walking or at home. It was difficult to join because they didn't always have naps together, there was always somebody awake. It really helped me. It helped just seeing other people who had triplets on the screen. Gemma Gunter from Twins Trust was running the club and I love her approach. She just supports and doesn't lecture you. She has great knowledge and takes great interest in triplets.

"It's a bit like Yellow Pages for me, the virtual group. You just come in, throw the questions and you get the answers. For me the club was a real saviour. If you are looking for a chat or friendly faces, there's no judging. Everybody understands that this is difficult, everyone will try to support you. I do keep in touch with one of the ladies from the triplet club. It makes you feel less alone. It's so helpful for parents of multiples."

If you think the online clubs could benefit you and your family, you can find out more and sign-up today.