20 June 2021

Father’s Day is always bittersweet for triplet dad Steven.

He loves receiving his daughters’ handmade cards and gifts but knows they should be crafting them with their beloved mum Rachel who sadly passed away when they were just 10 months old.

Steven and his triplet girls

“It’s so lovely to receive their gifts and we usually celebrate the day with family,” said Steven who is the head chef of an outdoor education centre in the Lake District.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t really do that last year but this year we are going to have a family barbecue and get-together at my sisters’ house.”

Steven’s girls – Mollie, Poppie and Evelyn – have come on leaps and bounds since their very early arrival at just 26 weeks.

They started school last September and Steven said he is unbelievably proud of them.

We’ve had a lot of help and support from family, friends and charities like Twins Trust since Rachel passed away, but at every little milestone we think of her.

“When the girls put their school uniforms on for the first time, that got me.

“It was Rachel who first got in touch with Twins Trust when we found out we were expecting triplets.

“She was so pleased with the help she got, then when she passed away you continued supporting me and I’m still in touch now with Gemma, (our support practitioner) mainly for reassurance, which is great and makes such a difference.”

“Father’s Day is special because I know that others have helped the girls with cards and gifts for me. Of course I wish it was Rachel, but I am blessed with a great family and we have a fantastic Nanny in our lives.”  

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Rachel with her triplet girls

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