21 August 2023

Twins Trust is calling on the government and all political parties to prioritise early years education and childcare at the next general election.

We are proud to announce that we are one of more than 30 organisations and charities across England who work together as the Early Education and Childcare Coalition (EECC).

As a coalition we want to challenge the government to invest in an early education and childcare system that works for all. We know how important this is for families of multiples.

The EECC has been co-founded by leading voices and experts, including Save The Children, Pacey, TUC, National Children's Bureau, Federation of Small Businesses, Early Years Alliance, UNICEF and Pregnant Then Screwed.

Shauna Leven, Chief Executive of Twins Trust, said: "We are proud to be part of the Early Education and Childcare Coalition as we call for a sustainable future for our early years education and childcare system.

"We need the political parties to recognise the huge challenges that families of multiples face. It's crucial that the voices of our families are heard as we fight for a system that works for all.

"All children deserve the best start in their education. We want to make sure our families are not disadvantaged in any way."

Sarah Ronan, Acting Director of the Early Education and Childcare Coalition, said: "The current system is not working for any of us, and it will continue that way unless we see more ambition from our political leaders. Their plans for reform are either to expand the current broken funding model or they are so vague it's hard to know what's around the corner.

"The skyrocketing fees that parents are forced to pay have been well-documented, but this isn't just about affordability; it's about availability, equal access and quality experiences for children and the people that educate them. It's about the poorest children being locked out of essential high-quality early education and care and a workforce that is underpaid and undervalued.

"As the recent report from the Education Select Committee highlighted, the Government's plans for expansion will do little to fix any of that.

"The coalition is the route to a better future for the early years, and this movement to shape that future starts now."

The EECC will work with all political parties to shape the future of policy in this area, bringing insight and learning from experts in the sector as well as those with lived experience of the challenges on the ground.

Neil Leitch, CEO of The Early Years Alliance, added: "The formation of this coalition could not come at a more pivotal moment for the early years. There is no doubt that having so many voices from across the education, children's, parenting, and business sectors come together in this way sends a hugely powerful message to the government about the vital importance of early education and care."

The coalition will work together with a common aim, to improve and sustain a high-quality early years education and childcare system for England.

You can find out more about the Early Education and Childcare Coalition on its website.