6 July 2023

Twins Trust welcomes Labour's renewed focus on early years education.

Our families are calling for more detail on how the government's increased spending on early years' education will impact them. They're asking whether there will be places in nurseries for their twins or triplets and whether (and when) they'll be able to go back to work after maternity leave. They want to know that their children will be provided with an early years' education to help them hit their early learning goals. They want certainty.

For that certainty to be achieved, two things need to happen:

  1. Workforce issues need to be addressed, with requisite early years' staff to meet demand, earning sufficient pay.
  2. A buildings and infrastructure policy to ensure there's enough space available for nurseries and other early years settings to meet the increased number of children who will enter early years' education because of the new funding. 

These questions will need to be answered by whoever leads our country. We await more detailed proposals to see how it will be achieved.