Enormous thanks to everybody who took part in our 'Walk 10k for TTTS' summer challenge.
This year you have raised £14,500 towards TTTS and 9 other pieces of research at the Twins Trust Centre for Research and Clinical Excellence and because of this babies’ lives will be saved.
Twins Trust Heroes of 2022
Patricia Quigley
Kieron and Joanne Keijzer
Lucy Morgan
Amy Pringle
Becka Butler
Sue and Ian Madel

In 2021, the 'Walk 10k for TTTS' summer challenge raised £32,000.

Amy Pringle
Emma Harkness
Sue Plenty
Nichola Quinn-Taylor
Kirstie Fox
Lauren Bond
Lynda Heath
Sam Rumens


Clare Wood
Jamie Colton
Kirsty Evans
Paige Hill
Sarah Norgate
Emma Riley
Mark Heath



Gareth Edwards
Danica Dougal
Wendy Smart
Laura Batell
Patricia Quigley
Bryan Perkins
Chloe Leary


Eleanor Prynne
Jo Lawrence
Louise French
Sue and Ian Madel
Peter Bensted
Richard Latimer
Gary Staerck



In 2020, the 'Walk 10k for TTTS' summer challenge raised £47,000.

Abbie Hofbauer & family

Nick Saunders & family

Evbu Alao & family

Jennifer Hollering

Dr Donald Chandranath & family

Nikki & Max Roberts

Emma Bealing

Sioned Allen

Anna Hatfield & family

Gemma Chapman & family

Sue Plenty

Charlotte Glynn & family

Alyson Kirkland & family

Lauren Lewis & family

Kelly Johns & family

Faye Caskey & family

Aneliese Allen

Jennifer Carrol & family


Krista Pound

Sue Madel & family

Moira Wilson & friend Katie

Siobhan & Alan Slattery

Natalie Dimelow & friends

Sharon, Esme & Hope Leave

Joanne & Greg Ascough

Emily Smith & family

Natalie Campbell

Danielle Smith & family

Clare Wood

Kim Coussins

Amie Riley & family

Simon Berney-Edwards & family

Laura Dimelow & family

Lucy & Rob Patch


If you have taken part in a challenge and would like a place on our 'Wall of Heroes', please email [email protected]