A car seat is one of the most important safety products you will ever have to buy for your babies or children, so getting it right is imperative.

For our car seat special event we are joined by Natalie, owner of Car Seat Ninja, who specialises in extended rear facing car seats but covering all stages from birth to 12.  Natalie has worked in the baby and child industry for 20 years, with 15 of those being spent at Mothercare, so she has lots of experience in all areas of baby equipment. Natalie is also a mum of 4 children ranging from 5 to 16 years.

Natalie will be available to answer questions and chat through all things car seat related.

So if you’re looking to buy your babies first car seats or thinking it might be time to move your children into the next stage seat, come along and get some advice and ask any questions you might have.