These growth charts have been specially designed with twins in mind, so doctors and medical professionals who scan pregnant women expecting twins can use them to accurately measure the babies’ growth.

Currently, many twin babies are being measured during pregnancy using singleton growth charts and clinicians must use their judgement to decide how the pregnancy is progressing.

The twin pregnancy growth charts make it easier to identify twins who have genuine growth restriction and who are therefore at risk of stillbirth and may need intervention to keep them safe. They will also prevent the false diagnosis (thinking that the babies are growth restricted but they are not) therefore potentially avoiding unnecessary intervention in the form of premature delivery.

The twin specific growth charts are available online for use by all units. Please speak to your healthcare professional if you’re unsure which growth charts your maternity unit are using.

*The results of the research were published of data in the Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology journal in August 2014.