We’re pleased to be able to bring you a series of multiple specific, free webinars’ which have been recorded over the last few months. These have replaced the study days we would usually be holding under normal circumstances and are targeted at health professionals that have an interest in multiple pregnancies.

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Previous Webinar Recordings

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15th September 2021

1. TTTS in triplet pregnancies: diagnosis and management - Nicola Persico, MD
2. Multiple pregnancy case discussion - Kate Navaratnam, PhD

28th July 2021

1. Prenatal diagnosis in twin and multiple pregnancy
2. Practical demonstration of Fetoscopic Laser surgery for TTTS

14th July 2021

1. Congenital Heart Defects in twins
2. Monochorionic pregnancies and fetal brain injury

16th June 2021

1. Weight gain in twin pregnancy - Yariv Yogev
2. Maternal medicine cases in multiple pregnancy - Surabhi Nanda

26th May 2021

1. Mode of delivery in uncomplicated twin pregnancies
2. Management of atypical cases of Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome

12th May 2021

1. Neonatal management in complicated monochorionic twins
2. Comparison of neonatal adverse outcomes in SGA twins: Twins vs Singleton Charts

28th April 2021

1. Placental injection in monochorionic twins
2. Case presentation

14th April 2021

1. Confidential Enquiry into Stillbirths and Neonatal Deaths in Twin Pregnancies
2. Perinatal Outcomes in Twin Pregnancies: Twin vs. Singleton Charts.

12th December 2020

1. Single intrauterine demise in twins
2. Maternal Fetal Medicine Case discussion in twins

28th November 2020

1. Genetics and multiple pregnancy
2. Case discussion

14th November 2020

1. Twin Anaemia Polycythaemia Sequence (TAPS) 2. Case discussion

31st October 2020

1. Screening for aneuploidy in multiple pregnancy
2. Case discussion

3rd October 2020

1. Governance challenges in Multiple Pregnancy
2. Case discussion

19th September 2020

1. Neurodevelopmental outcomes of twin pregnancies
2. Reduction in multiple pregnancy
3. Case discussion

5th September 2020

1. Preterm birth in twin pregnancy
2. Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion and anomalies
3. Case review

22nd August 2020

1. Neonatal care of Multiple Pregnancy
2. Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome vs selective fetal growth restriction
3. Case review - Surabhi Nanda​​​​​​​

8th August 2020

1. Placenta in monochorionic twin pregnancies
2. Intrapartum Care of Twin Pregnancy
3. Case review

25th July 2020

1. The role of the specialist midwife
2. The role of the sonographer
3. Case review - Single embryo dichorionic pregnancy

11th July 2020

1. National and international guidelines on twin and multiple pregnancy
2 Maternity Engagement Project
3. TTTS - Case discussion


The topics covered were very informative and very relevant to clinical practice, it covered all the essential subjects to manage different types of multiple pregnancy. The content was relevant to healthcare professionals at all levels and the case studies were one of the highlights.