It's normal to have racing thoughts about how you will cope and afford your growing family and important to address them. Try not to become overwhelmed.

Plan carefully and spread out the cost of essential equipment. When your babies come home, they're not going to need all the equipment straight away. It's important to plan effectively by not buying unessential equipment immediately and spreading out costs by understanding what the babies will need, and when. For more information see our equipment page.

The thoughts racing through my husband's mind were all the practical things like how are we going to cope? Will we need a bigger house? Will we need a bigger car? Will we need different jobs to fund it all? Who will help us?

Triplet babies

It often helps to hear what others have done in these situations. When did people go on maternity leave? What car did others find useful? When did you go back to work following paternity leave? For support from other triplet and quad families please join our private Facebook group

Having support from other triplet and quad mums on the Facebook group was invaluable. Knowing other mums were going through the same as me and that there were others who had gone through it and come out the other side, gave me hope.

Find out more information about work and finance. It’s important to digest all this information before the babies arrive so you can adapt to any situation you might find your family in.

We decided that my husband would take his paternity leave when we were discharged from hospital rather than immediately after the birth.