After the birth of your babies, whether you had a vaginal delivery (spontaneous or Induction) or caesarean section (elective/planned or emergency), you will all be recovering from the experience, as well as learning a lot in a short time about what newborns need.

A lot of what happens next will depend on how straightforward the pregnancy and birth have been.

Twins Trust have resources available to support you while you are in hospital. We have tips for feeding, support if your babies need to spend some time in special care and information on mental health.

Support on the hospital ward

If all is well then your twins, triplets or more will be able to stay with you. You may need to ask for help from staff or your partner to care for them.

Neonatal Care

Around 40 percent of multiples need some extra help in hospital after the birth. This is known as ‘special’ or ‘neonatal’ care. This can be a scary time but we are here to support you.