From antenatal care and birth plans to work and finance, we are here to offer guidance to help you prepare  for the arrival of your twins, triplets or more.

Work and finance

Whether you're wondering when to start maternity leave or how to manage finances when your babies arrive, we have support and resources to help you.

Preparing for your babies' arrival

As with any pregnancy, it is always good to prepare for new arrivals – more so when you are having twins triplets or more.

Antenatal Care

Twin, triplet or more pregnancies tend to come with more appointments. We explain what you should expect throughout your antenatal care with twins, triplets or more.

Birth Preferences

Though looking at your birth preferences can be helpful, please remember that labour and birth are unpredictable. You may need to be prepared to do things differently if complications arise.

Need to Know

How to take the best care of yourself when expecting multiples – and ensure others take care of you.