Twins Trust is the leading UK provider of specialist multiple birth specific antenatal courses.
Antenatal course for twins, triplet and more

Join our trained antenatal teacher, with experience in multiple births, to find out all about birth, recovery, coping in the early weeks and caring for your babies.

Antenatal online course

Our 3-part online course is a great alternative if you can’t get to an in-person course. It covers the same topics in an interactive format with lots of opportunity for questions.

Second timers antenatal online course

If you already have a child or children but this is your first set of twins or more, this course will help you prepare your sibling(s) and how to cope with getting out, feeding and sleeping when your new babies arrive.

Scotland Antenatal Online Course

Online antenatal courses specifically designed for expectant parents of twins, triplets or more living in Scotland.