27 February 2023

Some days Emma feels utterly exhausted, whilst the next day she feels like superwoman. That sums up parenting multiples, according to mum-of-three Emma. And she’s so right. She’s mum to four-year-old boy/girl twins and her son, who’s seven.

Emma added: "The biggest struggle that I personally found was managing my guilt. I have three children and one of my twins has a disability. The majority of my time is spent juggling medical appointments, school runs and clubs and trying to pull myself three ways. As a parent, you wear so many hats and you’re trying to do it all.”

Being a parent to multiples has its highs and lows

Emma explained that her daughter’s Down’s Syndrome diagnosis was not picked up during pregnancy. She said: “People kept apologising when she was born. One member of staff at the hospital asked if I was going to keep my daughter. I was in hospital and lonely and traumatised and I was handed a leaflet about Down’s Syndrome. At this moment I felt something had to be done for parents of additional support needs children.”

Emma and children

Emma, who is also a life coach, moderates the Twins Trust Additional Support Needs Group where parents can share advice and talk with other families.
She added: “One of my twins was in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for a week, whilst his sister was having ongoing tests and research. The Twins Trust Saving Babies’ Lives Campaign isn’t a want, it’s a need. A child’s life is priceless. Even the smallest donation provides so much support.”