21 June 2023

When you discover that you have twins, triplets or more on the way, you realise you have a big journey ahead of you.

That's where Twins Trust can help. With a wealth of courses on offer, we have helped thousands of parents as they prepare for the arrival of their babies and the fun and challenges that brings.

Holly Jones' story to becoming a mum wasn't easy. After three IVF cycles, which sadly all resulted in miscarriage, the 37-year-old from Essex eventually became pregnant after having a fourth IVF cycle in Athens, Greece. Twins Lottie and Corey were born on 7 February 2022.

Wanting to arm themselves with plenty of knowledge as they prepared to welcome their boy/girl twins, Holly and husband Gareth signed up for the early pregnancy and antenatal courses with Twins Trust.

She said: "I found out about Twins Trust online. The courses are really fun, interactive and informative. We learned so much from them. The amount of information we were given was great - it was really hands-on."

Twin babies sat in high chairs smiling at the camera

The couples on the courses joined WhatsApp groups and are still in touch every day, more than a year on after having their babies. They share stories of their babies' milestones and offer support in the early hours of the morning when the babies wake up.

Holly added: "Sharon, who ran the courses, is a twin parent and she just gets it. She was talking from her own personal experiences and giving us some top tips about what the early days might look like. It was a really honest course. There wasn't any covering up the reality of what it was actually going to be like. It was really interactive for my husband as well and he enjoyed it. He felt really involved and learned so much from it. Certain things he does now I will ask him how he knows how to do them. He says he remembers from the courses."

Two parents on the left take a selfie with their twin children in a buggy

After her positive experiences with the courses, Holly has continued to learn more about parenting multiples and completed the Twins Trust first aid course too.

She added: "The courses were amazing, I would recommend to any expectant multiples parent. There isn't anything else out there like it. They are even great for grandparents. You wouldn't find that level of knowledge anywhere else."

You can find out more about Twins Trust courses here.