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Rebecca shares birth trauma story following HELLP diagnosis

The mum-of-two has shared her story after experiencing birth trauma, in the hope of helping others who may face a similar situation.

Holly's story

Holly Jones and her partner were supported through their journey to welcoming twins by Twins Trust's range of courses.

Covid vaccination is recommended for pregnant women

NHS continues to advise that pregnant women get vaccinated against Covid-19

Our three miracles

Gina's pregnancy was a rollercoaster of emotions, as she and husband Craig prepared to welcome triplets into the world.

Nothing but a positive experience

Steph Howard wants anyone who is expecting triplets to know that things can - and do - go right, even though you’re told from day one it's a high risk pregnancy.

Welcoming twins in lockdown

Samantha was home alone with her two young children during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown in April 2020 when she went into labour with her twins.

Maternity care in the headlines

With maternity care in the headlines again today, here's what we're doing to help our families

The Importance of Twins/Multiples Clinics

Multiple Births Midwife Caroline Lamb helped Jen feel a lot more relaxed through her pregnancy and birth.